ActTrader™ provides a full-featured workspace for traders to execute trades and manage their accounts.


Description: Description:

·         Feature-rich desktop application allows you to monitor the market and engage in online trading

·         Each window shows information and gives access to specific functions

·         Convenient controls via FXVoyager Toolbar

·         Create, test, and run automated trading strategies via ActFX

·         Trade currency, currency Forwards and Options, CFDs, Equities, Futures, and ETFs.

Stay Organized

Description: Description:

·         Create multiple workspaces to organize your windows and maximize your space; quickly switch between your workspaces using the workspace tabs

·         Easily move windows from one workspace to another; use tabbed windows to group similar windows and save space

·         Choose from several desktop profiles, or create and save your own

Account Information Bar

Description: Description:

·         Easily view all essential information about a selected account (or accounts) in the Account Information Bar

·         Select one or several accounts from a menu to see the financial data and trade

Description: Description:

View Streaming Dealing Rates

·         You can view streaming rates in the Dealing Rates window

·         You can view detailed info on the instruments in the Dealing Rates Table or the Instruments window

Make a trade

Description: Description:

·         Easily make a trade by clicking the Sell or Buy buttons under the Home tab of the FXVoyager Toolbar

·         You can also place a Market order directly from the Dealing Rates window, Instruments window or the Dealing Rates Table; left-click on bid or ask or right-click on the rate and choose Market Order

Set a Stop or Limit Order

Description: Description:

·         To set a Stop or Limit order, open the Trade tab of the FXVoyager Toolbar and click the Stop or Limit button

·         You can set a Stop or Limit order from the Open Positions window

·         You can also set a Predefined Stop or Limit in the New Position dialog window

Close a Position

Description: Description:

·         On the FXVoyager Toolbar, click the Close Position button under the Trade tab. A dialog with a list of currently open positions will appear. Select the position you wish to close and click OK.

·         You can also close a position from the Open Positions window

·         Right-click on the position and select Close position from the menu

Description: Description:

One-Click Trading

·         Open a new position in just one click

·         Click on Bid or Ask, and a position will immediately open for the number of lots indicated in the Amount field

Price Alerts

Description: Description:

·         Price alerts let you know when the rate on an instrument has reached a predefined level.

·         You can set price alerts by clicking the Price Alerts button under the Trade tab of the FXVoyager Toolbar.

·         You can also set a price alert by right-clicking on an instrument in the Dealing Rates window, Individual Dealing Rate window, Dealing Rates Table window, or Instruments window


Description: Description:

·         Make informed decisions by viewing real-time charts

·         Use Candlestick, Bar, and Line charts

·         Chart toolbar offers comprehensive list of features, including Zoom, Save, Print, and Draw Tools

·         You can create objects on charts, and copy, paste and link objects between multiple charts

·         Use over 30 built-in technical indicators, plus you can create your own

·         Create and save chart templates: all the settings and indicators of the chart will be saved

Trade from Charts

Description: Description:

·         Positions, orders, and price alerts are displayed on charts; a sidebar shows items outside of chart view

·         Trade directly from charts: click anywhere on a chart to place a Market order

·         Easily create and modify Stops and Limits by using drag and drop

·         Place Price Alerts directly from a chart window

FXVoyager Toolbar

Description: Description:

·         FXVoyager Toolbar is intuitively constructed to allow you to navigate the trading application with maximum efficiency and quickly locate all the windows, tools, and options

·         Commands in FXVoyager are organized into logical groups, and each group is found under a tab

·         Each tab relates to a unique activity, such as trading or working with charts, or to a specific application module, such as Forwards or Options


Description: Description:

·         ActFX allows you to create automated trading strategies and custom indicators

·         An ActFX strategy analyzes one or more charts, automatically opens and closes orders and positions, and displays them on charts

·         You can back test a strategy on the historical data

·         You can send commands to the strategy, even while the strategy is running

·         View trading statistics for the strategy


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